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DMSO Questions

What is DMSO?

Why do so many athletes use DMSO?

How does DMSO work?

When and how often do you apply it?

How do you apply DMSO?

What are the side effects?

Why is the DMSO mixed with aloe or distilled water?

Why are essential oils added to DMSO?

When do Pastoral products expire?

How do you store DMSO?

Why does the DMSO appear frozen?

Why are the jars/bottles labeled with "solvent"?

Who should not handle DMSO?

Can I store DMSO in plastic?

Shipping & Returns

How quickly do you ship?

How do I get free shipping?

Is shipping discreet?

How are the glass jars/bottles packed?

What is your return and refund policy?

Payments & Security

What are the payment options available?

Do you store or handle any of our payment data?