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Why is Frankincense + DMSO a Popular Choice?

The most popular DMSO gel variety throughout the world is frankincense. To many people this is surprising, because not many think of frankincense as an overly popular scent like lavender or orange would be. 

However, there's very good reason for the popularity of frankincense.

Frankincense is the dried resin from the frankincense tree, which is most common in the Middle East or Northern Africa. Its aroma is woody (as you would expect, coming from a tree!) with hints of spice.

Historically it was would that frankincense calmed the nerves and was commonly used in a medicinal context. 

We know now that frankincense is one of the better essential oils for therapeutic uses because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Frankincense does this by helping to stimulate blood flow and increase circulation where it is applied.

Given this, it's no surprise that frankincense pairs so well with DMSO. Both have anti-inflammtory properties and act in concert to help relieve the pressure or pain that originates through inflammation (manifesting in things such as arthritis). 

Frankincense DMSO gel is Pastoral's top selling gel and has been from the very beginning. It's part of the reason why all our standard bundles include a frankincense gel.

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